American Indian Chamber of Commerce

About AICCAz

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (AICCAz) was founded in 1995 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1996. The focus of the Chamber is to provide a format for American Indian entrepreneurs to promote their business, for corporations to connect with American Indian businesses, to act as a liaison on tribal economic development issues and to offer the best in resources, training and networking for the American Indian business. AICCAz offers our members the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with business owners throughout the state.

Board of Directors

Corporate Partners

Mission Statement

Providing a pathway for business success by creating inclusive networks in and out of Indian country.

Overall Focus

Build Membership  •  Create A Positive Image
Cultivate Cross Cultural Partners
Build Resources; Education; Training
AICCAz Goals
• To create a better understanding of issues facing American Indian business owners
• To provide enhanced business opportunities
• To provide positive public awareness of American Indian owned businesses
• To provide members with training and education to cultivate business skills
• To promote American Indian owned businesses to State and Federal Agencies, Private Sector, Corporations and Tribal Communities
• To create Economic Self Reliance
• To encourage a mentoring relationship between more established business owners and new business owners
• To create a positive atmosphere where members share and support one another


AICCAz Advocacy

“To provide support and advocacy for all Native American Enterprises through education, fellowship and unity.”
The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona is dedicated to advocating the growth and economic expansion with the following objectives:

  • Create strategies to promote local economic development
  • Provide a remedy to remove disparity in local, state and federal government agencies
  • Promote the utilization of economic growth internationally
  • Grow local and small business enterprise modules in non-traditional business categories that uphold the Native American culture and traditions
  • Strengthen ties between Native American businesses and other business sectors including alliances and opportunities with government, tribal or corporations
  • Work with Non-profit groups that advocate the expansion of Native American enterprise development

The AICCA will coordinate distribution of decisive business information vital for Native American enterprises to create economic growth in the State of Arizona;

The AICCA will publish economic development information on our website for all tribal governments in Arizona including information giving private business enterprises access for contracting services with sovereign Indian Nations;

The AICCA will host workshops and symposiums to provide entrepreneurial skills and capacity building opportunities to all Native American enterprises in Arizona.

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona will create a mentoring program with corporate and community business professionals dedicated to assist the Native American entrepreneurs with strategic, tactical and business planning tools.

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce is committed to networking with all Native American businesses throughout the Southwest and the United States to develop collaborative opportunities focusing on Indian tourism, gaming, agriculture, arts and crafts and joint ventures that will develop successful economic development models for Native American communities.